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News:  DSXTech LLC released a pure Javascript library dsxDockFloatPro designed to create dockable & floatable HTML pages.   It supports browsers IE, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari,Opera,Maxthon. Go to our site for more information.

Barcode Components

Our ActiveX,  Win32 DLL, and JavaBean components are powerful tools for your barcode applications.   They provide high  quality  printing of  linear and 2D barcodes.    The supported symbologies are Codabar,Code11, ,   MSI,  Code39, Extended Code39,  Code93,  Code128(A,B,C),  EAN128,  SCC14, SCC18, UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, JAN13, JAN8,   Interleaved 2 of 5, HIBC, Postnet,   PDF 417, Micor PDF 417,  Macro PDF 417, DataMatrix, MaxiCode,QRCode, AztecMesas

ActiveX XBarCodePro (Previously named as XBarCode)     If you want to embed barcodes into any OLE compatible containers such as  Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or develop advanced barcode applications using VB, VC++, Visual Studio .NET,  XBarCodePro is the best choice.

ActiveX   ASP-XBarCode    If you want to create barcodes dynamically in your Active Server Page and send barcode  images  to any browsers using VBScript.  ASP-XBarCode  is the best choice.  ASP-XBarCode is compatible with  Visual Studio .NET

Win32 DLL  DBarCodePro     If you like  low level API to develop barcode applications,  DBarCodePro is designed for you.  In C/C++, you can create a barcode with just one function call.

JavaBean     JBarCodePro  If you want to develop barcode applications that run in any operating systems,  JBarCodePro is the solution.   You can also use JBarCodePro in servlet or JSP to produce barcodes on the web server and send barcodes to any browsers dynamically.    JBarCodePro has two packages with one supporting JAVA 1.1.x  and another supporting JAVA 1.2 and higher.


GUI Components

.Net Component   DockFloatNet        lets you easily  create dockable and floatable controls in your C#. Net, VB.Net,  C++.Net applications.    Built totally with managed code,  it has a rich set of properties that can be used in both design and run time.

ActiveX  EasySizer       sizes all the controls in the VB forms .    EasySizer provides customized property editor to let you set sizing style, font sizing style, and 3D effect  for each control.     EasySizer works with Microsoft's Tab Control.   It also lets controls negotiate their positions with Microsoft's toolbar, statubar and coolbar controls

Java Class Library  JDockFloatPro     Do you want any AWT and Swing components dockable and floatable?    JDockFloatPro provides you this to create sharp and sophisticated Java GUI.    With 10 lines of code,   you have your components dockable and floatable

ActiveX XDockFloat       lets you create sharp and advanced VB GUI in both MDI and SDI applications.    It can make VB forms dockable and floatable, create dockable and floatable toolbars that can contain any controls.   XDockFloat also provides methods to draw images on the VB's menu control and images on the drop-down list in the Microsoft Toolbar controls.   It is so easy to use that in two minutes you can build a user interface similar to Microsoft's Visual Studio.

ActiveX XMenuImage      XMenuImage let you easily add images to the standard VB menu items.  It can draw images based on the menu states.


Other Components

ActiveX AceEncrypt      is an ATL COM component that lets developers easily encrypt and decrypt files using standard Crypotology engine.  It also provides encryption and decryption  of  Byte, String, Integer, Long, Float, Double, Decimal, Currency, Date, Byte array(BLOB).   AceEncrypt supports both UNICODE and ASCII characters.